Technical Translators

Are regulatory requirements ambiguous? Is it difficult to understand how to act in a particular situation that you are faced with at work? Refer to the experience of your colleagues or ask an expert using the system
Such professional support will allow you to cope with any, even the most difficult situation that arises in your work
Awareness of all changes and novelties

Our translation agency often receives orders for text proofreading, which clients call differently: literary or academic editing, proofreading, editing
To clarify, we will make a small publication on this topic

Good afternoon, I work in an airport design firm, we translate projects into English, i
Experience in translating technical documentation
More than two years of experience in translation
I am a responsible and tidy worker
Please consider my candidacy
Thanks in advance, best regards, Anna
Occupational safety Reference system on the organization of labor protection and the preparation of basic documentation on labor protection, issues of interaction with supervisory and control authorities, investigation and registration of accidents at work and occupational diseases, conducting a special assessment of working conditions
What the system gives: A quick and accurate response to your questionAre you used to looking for information on the Internet, but you are not always sure of its relevance and reliability?Intelligent system search in just a couple of seconds will find the information you need about labor protection in full with a 100% guarantee of relevance, backed up by the experience of expert practitioners
All documents and materials on labor protection

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